Student Internships and Research at La Pedregoza

Turtle Research Over the years we have hosted a significant number of university students at our Reserva Natural La Pedregoza and adjacent forestry project. Every year we have a limited number of placements for both international and domestic students. As a rule we provide accomodations and food (room and board) at our expense to the students, as well as local transport, the tools required in the field and any required supervision, as specified by their respective university. Students are responsible for their own travel to Colombia and to Puerto Carreño, and for their own spending money. Our rules for accepting internship students are as follows:

Internship Applications

  • The program or curriculum of the student expressly requires an internship in their chosen discipline or area of study; and
  • The student is required to do a bachelors' thesis or report based on their experience; or
  • The student has a set of tasks they must accomplish as determined by their university;
  • The student must be in a program that is related in some way to the activities being carried out at La Pedregoza. This is broadly interpreted to include studies in forestry, biology, botany, ecology, environment and agronomy, including related fields such as zoology, entomology, primatology, ornithology, eco-tourism, sustainable development, environmental management, soil studies, hydrology as it relates to forestry and agriculture, microbiology as it relates to soil, eco-agriculture and so on. The student should let us know what is their area of interest and we will evaluate whether we can accommodate them at La Pedregoza.
  • Internships should be for no more than 6 months.
  • Students are responsible for their own visa status, though we will supply a letter of invitation to international students applying for a Colombian visa.
  • Students must agree to comply with our policies, which include no smoking, no recreational drug use (both on site and in the neighbooring communities, because we believe our students represent us), no drunkeness on site, no sexual harrassment, no discrimination based on race, origin or sexual orientation, and of course respect for others, so that the internship is a fun learning experience for everyone;
  • Students are expected to comply with the regular working hours of the natural reserve and the adjacent forestry plantation (5:30 AM to 8:00 AM, breakfast, 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM, lunch, 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM, dinner at 6:00 PM, Monday to Friday);
  • Students must have their own health and life insurance, as well as yellow fever and other applicable vaccinations;
  • Students must sign a waiver indemnifying the owners and operators of La Pedregoza from any claims for injuries, accidents, health problems or other issues that may afflict the student during their internship;
  • Students are expected to share the photographs they take and to provide us with a copy of any thesis or research report they write. Students are expected to credit La Pedregoza as appropriate in any thesis or research report they write. We recognize the intellectual property of students.

Masters Students - Research

Researchers WWF We will support grad students doing their field research for a master's or doctoral thesis based on similar terms to those set out above, with the understanding that the student will determine their own working hours and focus of research. Applicants should indicate what, if any, special requirements they may have, such as a support person in the field for hauling equipment and providing manual assistance during data collection and so on. Grad students must also indicate a time frame in which they will provide a copy of their thesis or research paper to La Pedregoza. In some circumstances La Pedregoza will consider co-financing a publication that results from a grad student's research and which is of intererst to the general public (for example a field guide to local earth worms, endangered trees or similar endeavors). Grad students must provide a letter from their supervising professor or from their faculty confirming their status as a grad student. La Pedregoza will try and accommodate any reasonable special requirements the university may have while a student is doing their field work.