Programs at Reserva Natural La Pedregoza

Native Tree Propagation

Endangered Sassafras Seeds We have a dedicated native tree species program, an important aspect of biodiversity conservation. Many species of wildlife, birds and insects depend on native trees for niche habitats. This program involves the collection of native tree seeds, their germination and subsequent propagation. We pay special attention to native tree species listed as endangered in the IUCN's red list of species. Our goal is to commercialize these species by establishing a seed bank and encouraging others to cultivate them. Please visit our native tree page to learn more.

Rescuing Podocnemis expansa and unifilis Turtles

Podocnemis Turtle South America's giant river turtles are facing extinction due to loss of habitat, uncontrolled hunting and ongoing poaching of their eggs. We are involved in a regional program called "Atsapani", together with the Omacha Foundation and the Palmarito Foundation, which receives some funding from Ecopetrol, Colombia's largest oil company and from the Alexander von Humboldt Institute. The Corporación Ambiental La Pedregoza is active in protecting beaches and when needed collecting the eggs of Podocnemis expansa and Podocnemic unifilis turtles, before poachers can destroy their nests. We incubate the collected eggs in artificial nests at the Reserva Natural La Pedregoza and once they hatch we look after the baby turtles until their shells are hard and they stand a better chance of survival. Please visit our turtle page to learn more.

La Pedregoza Interpretive Center

Distance University at La Pedregoza The Interpretive Center will act as a local institution that can explain the importance of the Orinoco River basin rainforest, inundation forest and gallery forest. Exhibits and displays will illustrate the role those forests play in supporting and providing habitat for the amazing biodiversity that can be found in the rivers, forests and savannah of Colombia’s llanos orientales. Colombia has an estimated 8% of the planet’s terrestrial biodiversity. This interpretive center would play a key role in representing a significant part of that biodiversity. Please visit our Interpretive Center page to learn more.

Sacred Seeds Garden

Sacred Seeds Site Corporación Ambiental La Pedregoza is dedicated to developing a specialized botanical garden inside the natural reserve. The Missouri Botanical Gardens are setting up Sacred Seeds sanctuaries around the world. The one at Reserva Natural La Pedregoza is for the conservation of medicinal and alimentary plants found in the Orinoco River basin, and for the preservation of ethnobotanical knowledge regarding their uses. With the assistance of various aboriginal groups, the environmental youth group of the National Apprenticeship Service or SENA and the Vichada Agroforestry Association or AGAF, we plan on making this an amazing resource and a legacy for future generations. Visit our Sacred Seeds page to learn more.