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The La Pedregoza Natural Reserve was established privately for the preservation and conservation of flora and fauna in the Orinoco River basin of Colombia. The natural reserve is registered with RESNATUR (the Network of Civil Society Natural Reserves), which is the Colombian government agency charged with this task. Natural reserves are established pursuant to use the Colombia's Ley 99 de 1993, Articulos 109 - 110 and applicable regulations. Our natural reserve was fully registered effective January 1, 2011, though it was operational as of January 1, 2010. Private landowners may, without losing title to their land, declare a natural reserve with RESNATUR. They may also voluntarily transfer title of their natural reserve to a foundation (Fundación) or other non-profit entity, which is the process we are following to insure the natural reserve remains intact for posterity. La Pedregoza is a 3,000 hectare (7,410 acre) tropical tree plantation operated by Plantación Amazonia El Vita S.A. (the "Company"), the Colombian subsidiary of Planeta Verde Reforestación S.A., with offices in Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica. Some 10 square kilometers have been set aside for our natural reserve.

Three members of a Canadian family founded La Pedregoza Natural Reserve. The first is Dexter B. Dombro, a former lawyer, who had an epiphany one day and decided to quit the law and do something useful with his life. He is also the author of our children's book, Arbolito the Saladillo. The second is Dr. Kochurani Dombro, a dentist and medical acupuncturist who saw the rain forest disappear in her home state of Kerala, India, and felt compelled to correct the imbalance in the soul of our planet caused by that devastation. The third is Dilmun D. Dombro, a university science student determined to make a significant difference in our world with hands on "green" action.

The Dombro's selected the areas they wanted to protect. Surveyors marked the areas and made plans, allowing for the registration of the Reserva Natural La Pedregoza. The natural reserve now includes three old growth riparian or inundation forests, three morichals or heavily treed savanna drainage creeks and almost 7 KM of Rio el Bita river bank. All of the protected areas are home to dense rain forest and numerous creatures, many of them on the endangered wildlife red list with the IUCN. Our natural reserve is important, thanks of its strategic location for wildlife moving along the banks of the Rio el Bita. The name "La Pedregoza" means rocky place in Spanish, due to the distinct reddish gravel and rock prevalent in the area.

Due to its location, La Pedregoza Natural Reserve provides an important refuge for endangered wildlife crossing the savannah to the El Tuparro National Park (Parque Nacional Natural El Tuparro) to the South, as well as to the adjacent Nimajay Natural Reserve and the Omacha Foundation owned Bojonawi Natural Reserve to the East, along the shores of the mighty Orinoco River. Besides the banks of the Rio el Bita, the chosen area has an important river inlet that is ideal for our endangered river turtle egg hatchery and release program. The three morichals or heavily treed savanna drainage creeks in the natural reserve are home to many decorative fish species, manatees, anacondas and caimans.

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